Nonprofit Start-up
Starting a nonprofit organization can be a complicated and confusing process. You often don’t know where to begin. Althaea Consulting sorts through the confusion and brings clarity. From conception to recognition as a 501c(3) Althaea Consulting walks you through the entire process.

Services include:
Assistance in mission development
Feasibility Study
Board Development
Document production (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy,)
IRS Form 1023


Once you start a nonprofit you have to keep it going. That means getting the funds needed to implement the programs. Whether its researching funders, writing grants, or helping to develop a fundraising plan Althaea Consulting will work with you to help you get the funds you need.

Services include:
Fundraising Planning
Grant Research
Prospect Research
Grant Writing
Donor Relations
Online Fundraising


Marketing and Public Relations
Whether a start-up nonprofit or one that’s been around for decades it is important to get the word out about the organization. Current and prospective donors want to know about the organization and the impact it is having. That’s where marketing and public relations come in. A nonprofit has to tell its story.

Services include:
Marketing and Public Relations planning
Website planning
Social Media set-up (creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and online fundraising sites)
Simple Website development (Publisher, WordPress)


Two of Althaea Consulting’s core values are education and empowerment. To that end
the company will offer training to help build the capacity of the nonprofits

Services include:
Nonprofit Startup
Using Social Media
Social Media Strategy
Online Fundraising


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