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Discotech DC - sharing what we learned

Sharing what we learned

On Saturday, February 25, I took the opportunity to volunteer at Discotech DC.  Discotech is short for Discovering Technology.   Discotech is a technology fair which enables participants to learn about computers, mobile devices, social media, and issues affecting technology in a fun way.   It was sponsored by in partnership with other DC nonprofit organizations.   The fair was held at the Thurgood Marshall Academy which is located in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, DC

The event really was set-up like a fair.  There was a space called the “Great Hall”.  In the “Great Hall”  you could get your computer tuned-up, learn about computer games, learn how to build a computer among other activities.  Several large classrooms were used where folks could learn other things.  One classroom was the computer lab.  The computer Lab was where you could learn some basic computer skills.  This is where I was volunteering.  I helped people set-up  Gmail accounts, Twitter accounts, and an accounts on job search sites.

In between volunteering I had the opportunity to speak with Carolina Argumedo of Bread for The City.   Argumedo teaches computer classes to clients of Bread for the City.  I wanted to know what was the inspiration for the event.  She the inspiration came from the city of Detroit which held the first one.  She also said there was a desire to present technology in a way that is fun and non-threatening.

The day ended with volunteers and participants coming together to share what they learned.  Several girls from the Anacostia neighborhood developed a website about country music.  I learned that a lot can be done when nonprofits come together and combine their resources.

There’s talk of having another Discotech.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

Got a story about nonprofits coming together on a project?  Tell me about it.


About Althaea Consulting

Althaea Consulting is a management consulting company which provides services to start-up, faith-based, and small nonprofit organizations. The mission is to help start and grow nonprofits.

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