Monthly Archives: January 2012

Why NPOs need to use social media

Its becoming more important for businesses and NPOs to use social media.  This article contains links to statistics about online usage and mobile phone connections.  If you’ve been resisting using Facebook, Twitter, and the like, time to stop and jump inWhy Non-Profits Need to Leap into Social Media…


Good Board Members: More than Fundraisers

Raising funds to support your nonprofit organization is a very important function of a Borard of Directors member.  But there’s more to a good board member than that.  This article explains why.  Myth: Good Board Members “Give, Get, or Get Off.”

Financial Leadership instead of Financial Management

Fundrasising in 2012 is going to be more challenging that ever.  The challenges call for a new approach to funding nonprofits.  Here is an article from The Nonprofit Quarterly on financial leadership.  An Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership

“Rules” for mass movements

Here is a link to a blog series about rules for a mass movement.  “New Rules for Radicals–A Blog Series