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Anyone ever heard of Crowd Funding??? Gartner reseach shows this form of ecommerce is set to explode across the world, and fund businesses, creative arts, and charitable endeavours. Read on….

iPledg, launching January 1, is a broad based crowd funding platform, best suited for very early stage seed capital. No equity needs to be sold off, and there are no loans to repay. Crowd funding offers project creators the chance to engage their networks to pledge small amounts to achieve quite sizeable pools of funding for projects. In return for pledges, project supporters are offered small rewards or gifts. This is the best way to raise $2,000 – $25,000 quickly and simply (although this is the “sweet spot” for funding, much larger amounts have been raised). Fund raising on iPledg is “all or nothing” funding, meaning that if your funding target is not reached by the end of the funding deadline, no money changes hands (and the project creator pays no fees). iPledg – launching January 1 at


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